Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Picking Up My Dribble

A buddy of mine decided he wanted to do something different to commerate the New Year. Go party hearty? Sit and watch football all day? Order up a pizza or two with the works? Talk the wife into making some dynamite lasagne?

No to all. Instead he wanted to start off the new year doing something that made him feel comfortable. Something reasonable. Something that would make him, and perhaps someone else, feel good.

He decided to call someone he greatly respected. Someone who has been a part of his life on and off since his freshman year of high school.

What better way, he thought, to start the new year than to just call up this person and chat a while about everything and nothing.

So he made the call.

To Bill Luti.

What a great idea.


If you read the sports pages or listen to the daily sport dribble on television, no doubt you have heard of a "high ankle sprain."

What in hell is a "high ankle sprain?" Is there a "low ankle sprain?" How about a "mid-ankle sprain?"

I've had my share of ankle sprains, right and left. One even ended up being a double fracture.

But I've never figured out what a "high ankle sprain" is.

So I asked a friend who is a college head trainer and this is what he says:

"A high ankle sprain is when you sprain the ligaments between your fibula and tibia. It is different from a regular ankle sprain because it is higher up the ankle. More like the lower leg."


So how about a "sports hernia?"

You know what comes to mind?

Those damn sports physicals we used to have in high school and junior high school, the ones where the doc grabs hold, tells you to turn to the right and cough.

Can't you just picture your right nut sagging down to mid-thigh and the doctor telling you that you have a "sports hernia?"

If someone has a answer, let me know.


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Anonymous said...

good job as always Jeff.

Jim burney