Thursday, June 22, 2006

FWIW (For What It's Worth)

Not being one to quibble, but I do think the radar gun in Atlanta was juiced a bit for the Red Sox - Braves game the other night. Hansen was consistently at around 98 and Papelbon around 96.

But the real clincher was the report that Jerry Remy dropped a fart in the 7th inning that registered 78 on the gun.

How about that Spurs trade for Matt Bonner?

Now we can go around saying that David Bonner spent his career working with Mr. Duncan (David) and Matt Bonner spent his career working with Mr. Duncan (Tim).

And who amongst us wouldn't like to be introduced to Eva Longoria, main squeeze of the Spurs super guard Tony Parker and new Bonner teammate?

What's the over and under on how many days it will take Bon-Bon to ask Parker if EvaLong has an available sister?

The Sox lost their beat writer when Chris Snow, the 24-year old Syracuse grad, opted out to take an administrative position with the Minnesota Wild.

I, for one, certainly hope that the guy in the back of the Boston Globe press room raising his hand fervantly yelling, "Pick me, pick me!" is former ConMon assistant editor and current Globe sports employee Chad Finn.

But my pals tell me that the beat writer's job hath no mercy on a marriage so Chad may have to hold off for Shaughnessy's gig.

You know, I check the Trading Places section of the ConMon on Sundays religiously and never did see that the Murphy Clan bought the Concord Monitor.

How else to explain the spate of articles over the last month featuring first Robbie Barker (Bishop Brady girl's lacrosse assistant coach/former UNH hockey player) then Casey Barker (recent Brady grad writing her own article) and then Tim O'Shea being featured on the delight of eating a hamburger - with a picture and all.

All kidding aside, I enjoyed all three pieces immensely.

I don't know about you, but I'm really pissed at Gatorade.

The TV was on in the background a couple of weeks ago and I stopped what I was doing to listen to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

But when I turned and looked at the TV, expecting to see some baseball highlights - or low lights as the case may be - I was shocked to see clips of soccer games leading up to the World Cup.

And Gatorade was the sponsor.

So, Gatorade, get your own flippin' song and leave mine alone!

Has anyone seen an appointment that just begged for the chairperson to cast one vote in favor of the most logical candidate than the one facing the Concord School Board when Bill Haubrich, The Present, applied for the AD's job?