Friday, February 03, 2006

Quotes and other wordly items

"Greatness necessarily attracts debunkers." - John Updike speaking of the Boston Red Sox fans' attitude towards Ted Williams in Updike's article, Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu, The New Yorker, 1960. Last home game: September 28, 1960. Attendance: 10,454.

The Real Wonder Lick Quiz

People of Concord, past and present, and fellow Parkmates wherever you are, here you go…a White’s Park/City of Concord quiz. I recognize that some of these will be Sooooo Concord that some of you folks who have been here for, oh 20 years or so, might not have the answers, but follow along and you might pick up some Concord history. I

Name the former Parks and Recreation director who people did not like?
Donald Sinn.

Several answers came in for Jack Penny and some even answered John Keach. The key here was that the person WAS NOT liked. Don Sinn was mean. Mr. Penny was a very nice man and had a long career with the State of New Hampshire’s Rec and Parks Department. As for John Keach, don’t ever step on to a field or court at Memorial Field without thanking him for his vision and foresight. Except for a couple of swimming pools being refurbished, a Monkey Around Playground or two being erected, and the renovations at Heights Playground – now called Keach Park - nothing much has happened in these parts since John left us.

What was Bill Greeley’s dog’s name? Bonnie.

What was the name of the bottled drink that the Kallechey Family produced in their warehouse on Montgomery Street? Whistle.

What type of soda was it? Orange

What is the real name of Phonsie Ceriello? Alphonse…one of the finest athletes Concord has ever seen. Used to skate by the hours on the frozen pond at White’s. During the summer he’d be the designated pitcher for all the kids in the park.

What was Don Mead’s nickname? Ducky. CHS grad and former high school basketball coach (Penacook High and Alvirne High) Mead might very well be the funniest guy ever to come out of the Park. Swore that he’d change his skin color if he thought he could get a major college coaching job.

What was Eddie Bazunk’s real name? Edward Knowles. Please don’t ever forget that Eddie did far more for us, in terms of field maintenance, than any of us ever did for him.

What was the ice cream man’s name at White’s and other parks? (maybe too easy, but you need one) Dan, Dan the Ice Cream Man (Dan Cusano). Not to be confused with his perverted nephew Phil who dished out something more despicable than snow cones.

Name the starting lineup for the 1951 Concord LL All-Star team. (Believe me you’ll know a lot them). P: Bobby Hansen; C: Rocky Vezina; 1B: Jim Desmarais; 2B: Jerry Gearan; SS Joe Hargen; 3B: George Boucher; OF: Jim Muldowney, Denny MacDonald, missing one; Coaches: Delly Callahan, Bill Slattery, SR. I think we’re missing one here but you get the gist. These are some pretty classy names in the history of Concord sports.

What current prominent Concord attorney broke his jaw playing flag (or touch) football at White’s Park in the 60s? Mike Callahan. Skip Hardiman says he played in the game which is no small surprise as Skip may hold the city record for most touch football games played, career. Skip was a passing genius in touch football. He had intricate passing routes for everyone, diagrammed on the palm of his hand or in the dirt with a twig. Funny how a talented CHS football lineman could be a most talented touch football QB. Wonder if Coach Martin ever knew?

Who was the sweatiest guy playing hoops at White’s? Lots of answers, but the Unknown Question Guy says Larry Houle.

What was Reynolds Prince’s nickname? Pecker. There must be a story here somewhere.

Who replaced Jim Ceriello as director at the Boys Club? Herbie Norton

Who was Beulah at Duck Island at White’s? Apparently an easy prey to lecherous young lads at White’s Park. One answer came in that Beulah must have changed her name to Tina P in the late 50s/early 60s. Then another answer came back in saying Beulah must have changed her name to Tina P in the mid 60s. The irony here is that the Tina Ps are different people…honestly.

Who lost his eye in an explosion at the Circle (Lover’s Lane) at White’s? Charlie Fletcher

Who was Geek? Steve Lillios although I thought he was called Zeke the Greek, and no matter what Steve Latham says, he always traveled on his post moves around the basket.

What did John and Teddy Gray have in common? Brothers, Charles Street residents, Marine Corp vets. Son of the infamous Red Gray.

What made Rock Greeley famous at the White’s Park swimming pool? The rumor goes, Rock supposedly drove an automobile into the White’s Park pool before the pool was fenced in.

Did Sal Falzone ever play sports? Not that anyone remembers. Although a couple made smart aleck remarks about hanging around Junior Mattice and the YMCA.

What was Fig Newton’s first name and where did he live? There were several versions of Fig Newton, but the one we’re looking for – Dick – played a little basketball for CHS and lived on the corner of North Main and Pearl.

What was the name of the fellow who ran the counter at the Y and always had a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth? Milton

What Church League team won the most championships in the 50's and 60's in hoop? St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s.

Who was the first football player from Concord to play in the Shrine Football Game? The series began in 1954. Joe Hart, St.John's in l954, Joe Shields in l955 along with Dick Bartlett

Name the three best catchers to come out of Concord in the 50's and 60's? Joe Shields, Larry (Bugga) West and Jim Watson.

Name the five top pitchers to ever play in the Sunset League? Don Steenbeke, Jim Shaw, Bob Wheeler, Bob Hanson, Don Soderstrom, Tom Destefano, Floyd Bernier, Bobby Hurst, Bob Batchelder (I know, that’s more than 5. I’m just sharing some of the answers.)

Who was the manager of the Hooz's Red Sox Sunset League baseball team? Irving (“You gotta hurry, Al”) Edelstein.

What was Don Soderstrom's nickname? Sodie, Soggie, or “million dollar arm, two cent head”

What was Alvah Longley's nickname? In the sports world it was Boonie, but around the railroad and truck yards it was Junior because Alvah T. Senior, the moving guy, was Boonie.

Name the four little league teams that were established in 1949, the first year of Concord Little League. Kiwanis, Eagles, VFW, Auto Dealers (there may be some arguments here).

Who said when a player let a ball go through his legs "What are you doing, picking dasies?" Delly Callahan.

Who was Whites Park's most famous Harry? I’m picking Barlow from the Rumford Street Barlows.

What White Park standard bearer was know for throwing rocks at the basketball players if he was not picked on a team? The one and only Leslie Childs (a/k/a The Mad Defacator).

Name two police officers who coached youth teams in the city in the 50's and the 60's? Hap Simpson, Herb Norton, Andy Martell.

What was "Tarzan" Healey's first name? John.

What was the name of the west end ice hockey team that played their games on Sunday afternoons behind Sacred Heart Church? Shamrocks.

What was the name of the movie theatre on Pleasant St.? Star.

What was Muggsy Mulligan’s real first name and where did he live? We’re accepting Beacon Street Tom, but I guess every Mulligan who ever lived went by Muggsy.

Who was Giggie? (Rick LaBontee)

When playing HR Derby from second base at the Little League field, what was a home run to right which amounts to hitting the ball onto White Street in the air? An out

Who was faster Louie Shepard, Jim Labbe or Speedy Harriman? Not sure, but Speedy Harriman was pretty damned fast when he chased us up the street because we chucked some green apples into his convertible when he drove by.

Who scored the only touchdown for the 1962 CHS football team? Sad, but true. Wayne Heath. (CHS ’64) scored the one and only touchdown for the Tide that year. Needless to say, they lost every game.

Who scored the first basket at the new CHS gym in 1962? Billy Degnan drilled a 18 foot shot from the right side.

What was Dickie Krueger’s high school girl friend’s name? Dottie Osborne.

At whose house did the cops stop first when checking out trouble at White’s Park? Trouble at the Park? Go to Mike Matthews house on White Street and work from there.

What was the name of the semipro basketball team in Concord in the late 50s and early 60s? The Concord Olympians. Superb basketball played at the Green Street gym.

Whose house was torn down to make a parking lot for the Green Street Community Center? Freddy Walker.

What are the names of the two most prominent quarry swimming holes? New England and ???

True or false: Bill Greeley played in the Sunset League. True. Towards the end of each season, the United Life team would let Bill pinch hit.

What is Arab (Yah-Yah) Labnon’s real first name? Richard

Who gave Jim Watson the nickname Promaker? Charlie Bowler

Who ran the Midget Football League at White’s for many years? Dave Sayward

What happened at the YMCA on Saturday afternoons after the football games in the fall? Perhaps a bit hokey by today’s standards, but a dance.

What downtown restaurant served a tainted ├ęclair? The Puritan

What was the name of the ice cream joint in McKee Square? Do Drop Inn

What local legend was known for his cry of “Yowa, yowsa, yowsa” to motorists passing by in the South End? Kenny Casey

What family has lived on the most sides of White’s Park (that would be White Street, Beacon Street, High Street and Washington Street)? DiNapolis

What was Robert Diversi’s nickname? Squirrel

What did Clark Billings drive? A Jeep

What was Clark Billings’ nickname? Troll

What sport did Bobby Hurst compete in on television? Candlepin bowling

What Concord radio sportscaster was famous for using the line “up and around the rim” every time a shot was taken? Bob Lauze

Which Brochu coached Bishop Brady hockey? (The answer “Red” does not get credit.) Leonard

Where did CHS hockey player Rusty (God) Martin go to college? Dartmouth

What long-time Concord carpet layer is the father-in-law to the daughter of a Cy Young Award winner? Ray-Ray Dyment’s son married the daughter of Dr. Jim Lonborg (yah, THAT Jim Lonborg)

You all passed!